About Dahn Internet Marketing

Who is Kallan Dahn?

Over the past several years Kallan has learned the tools of the marketing trade, refined them, and combined them with professional expertise in sales and technology.

Kallan is passionate about helping businesses learn to grow their revenue and increase profits through the use of lead organization, sales, and a cutting edge marketing techniques that are proven to generate results for clients.

The goal is simple…

Empower business owners to focus on their business instead of marketing.

Early Life

Kallan Dahn has been burning the entrepreneurial flame his entire life. At the age of 10 he became interested in business and in sales.

One of his first tastes of the life was in the form of the Carlton Sheets “No Money Down system” that his mom had purchased from an infomercial.

Can you imaging a 10 year old pouring over all the printed material that came in the kit, and learning about accessing deeds, public tax records, contracts, and closing real estate deals? It turns out, it’s much harder then it looks. Especially difficult for a 10 year old!

Kallan resorted to the next several years playing video games, learning to play guitar, and developing a strange addiction the technology. Learning to program in his spare time through High School.

While keeping a full time job, Kallan went back to school and graduated Summa Cum Laude in the top of his program with a Bachelor of Computer Science in Game Software Development.


In 2000, Kallan experienced his first taste of success with a computer repair business. After moving a half a state away from his hometown he decided that he didn’t want to completely restart the business.

After several failed attempts at getting other businesses off the group it became apparent that the economic landscape had shifted, and marketing was going to need to be part of his arsenal as an entrepreneur.

After seeking marketing knowledge he began to notice a theme in the issues many other small businesses were having. Unfortunately, they were having the same issues that he suffered from before undertaking the journey to learn how to market properly in a changing landscape.

It was in that moment that Dahn Internet Marketing was born.

Kallan realized that business owners didn’t have the time and resources to dedicate to learning how to do marketing. They needed help immediately!

In 2019 Kallan opened Dahn Internet Marketing, and took on his first client. He has not only continued to grow his business, but his marketing skills as well.


Kallan holds various marketing related certifications including

Personal Life

Kallan is a family man, married to the love of his life Kelly. Together they have 4 children and live in Michigan.

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